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1.将鲍鱼放入入无油干净的锅/盒子里加入煮过的凉水/过滤水中泡3-4天早晚换一次水(看你的鲍鱼多大,这里的是40头鲍鱼)48 小时之后恩妈咪把鲍鱼按一按全部的鲍鱼已经发好不再硬就可以将干鲍拿去洗咯。

3.准备瓦煲加入3.5L的水和竹筛把洗干净的鲍鱼加入几片姜片和飞水洗净的12对鸡脚,1片猪皮,2支猪大骨和1 个鸡胸放到瓦煲大火煮10分钟小火1个小时
息火待凉。 汤凉之后就再翻热大概煮开15分钟如此重覆。

 恩妈咪建议的时间是晚上约9点过后把发好的鲍鱼开始焖。隔天早上起来8am, 12pm, 5Pm 10Pm 再翻热大概煮开15分钟这样维持两天(48小时)哦! 

Soak dry abalone is not difficult as what we thought as long as change the water twice a day (12hours) if the weather is hot just put in the refrigerator will do . For soaking dried abalone, prepare a container with lid at least double in size of the abalone to allow enough room for the expansion. The water level should be fully covered the abalone. Containers for soaking must be clean, without oil stain or any odor. Recommend water is filtered water (depending on their size) soak until they become soft .

Tips soak dry abalone +Prepared abalones :

1. Soak the abalones in water for about 2-4 days (depending on their size) until they become soft, and change the water at least twice a day.
2. Gently brush the dust off the abalone and cut off the "stalk" in its mouth, remove its bowels, flush it clean with water, and then set aside for later use.
3. Line the bottom large claypot use a enough to cover all abalone at least 3.5L with a lattice bamboo mat specifically designed for braising delicate seafood. Arrange the abalones right on the mat then cover them with the ginger slice ,12pairs chicken feet , 1slice of pork skin, 2 stick pork bones / 1 piece of pork belly 300G , 1 piece of chicken breast / whole drumstick (can refer to ingredients picture)
4. Finally pour 3L water into the claypot and boiled for 15minutes and simmer covered over very low heat about 60minutes and turn off heat . Keep an eye on your water level to avoid drying up, you can add water if it gets too dried. (normally I will do this process at 9pm so I js let it cool down until next day )
5. Recommended time is approximately 9:00 pm is a good start abalone stew. Up the next morning 8am, 12pm, 5Pm 10Pm . turn high heat to boil about 15 minutes for every 4-5hours and keep repeating this for 2 days until the abalone becomes soft, thick, smooth, and tender (larger abalone may take a few more rounds)
6. In this stage u will notice that the abalone soup based turn in to creamy white .Prepared abalones can be placed in preservation bags and stored in freezer for later use, and best to consume within 3 months. and frozen it .

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